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Originally Posted by HaTe
I liked running outside in summer.. i tried it out in the winter... i keep getting flu and sick after the runs... i usually run at about 5am for 15 minutes or so, thats about all i can bring out atm. I am fully clothed.. got a winter jacket, winter hat and i prefer a muffler to cover your mouth from all that cold air... any tips?
Cold and damp conditions are ideal for getting infections in your respiratory system, and if you are prone to them, you are prone to them.

There's not much you can do in the framework of conventional medicine. Basically, if you are tired of the viruses, you need to stop running in the winter, and find some other cardio.

If you are really keen on running in winter, you could always try accupuncture. It can be very effective for fixing repetitive and chronic illnesses. It's the only 'alternative' medicine that has any rigorous science to support it- both in terms of the underlying mechanism and in terms of proof of clinical effectiveness for some conditions.

(Or you could do what I did, and move to Thailand, where there is no winter.)
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