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Originally Posted by I.P.Freely
That's fair.

I'm a relative noob, so, can you tell me, what kind of pedigree does that Lion's Den have? The only fighters from there I can name off the top of my head are Ken and Vernon White.
Well, the Den is gone now, but they used to be the premier stable of fighters in the late 90's.

Pete Williams
Tra Telligman
Frank Shamrock
Ken Shamrock
Jerry Bohlander
Guy Mezger
Vernon White

These were all very good fighters. Mezger & Frank being the best(Though Frank became so much better when he trained with TK & Mo Smith(The Alliance)). Mezger was just a really good fighter, who was a great striker. When he had to, Mezger could work on the ground as well. Mezger got some screwy decisions against Sakuraba, Arona, Shoji, & Rogerio Nogueira, and held his own(And was winning at one point) against Liddell & Wanderlei Silva.

Ken Shamrock may be old, and broken down nowadays, but he was once a really good fighter. The Lions Den produced some really good fighters as well. These are 2 things that often get ignored.

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