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(1 min rest between rounds)

5 rounds of 2:30

3 rounds of 3:00 Boxing only
3 rounds of 0:30 Punch out drill (1-2)
1 round of 3:00 Boxing only

Burpees were fun/torturous as usual. Added :30 seconds from last session and one more round. Keep in mind that although the duration is improving, I'm in no way going at a constant pace the whole time. My goal is to build up the time slowly, and once that's adequate, I'll be counting burpees and looking to improve the pace everytime. Burpees seem to be safe on the knee which is very good news.

The heavybag session was borrowed from Ross boxing. It was pretty fun and I can feel the difference those punch out drills make. I did boxing only to avoid aggravating the bum knee.

Yesterday I went to our local mma event to watch. Nobody from our gym was fighting but plenty of the guys that train where I do my conditioning were. Was a pretty entertaining show.

There was alot of really shitty sportsmanship from a few fighters. The two big ones being a guy that won via armbar but wouldn't let go when the guy tapped, the ref was reefing on the kids neck to make him let go but damn it must have been overextended for at least 10 seconds extra. Not good at all, the armbar zealot lost via disqualification, which seems fair. He could have just been in the zone and not realized what he was doing, still, it's important to realize you can't do that and discouarge other people from doing it. Another guy won his fight via tko but when the ref pulled him off he tried to get back in there and swing more. Crazy. That fight in particular was the only two fighters there near my weight division, they were 190, so there's a good chance I'll encounter those guys further down the road. Me and my friend are driving out to Vernon next weekend to support two guys from our gym. Watching fights live seems to be good motivation and should help build a bit of familiarity for my own.

Overall I feel pretty good at fighting at this level. I know I can do at least as good, and for the most part better, than any of those guys.

I also found out recently that the event I'm fighting at had a shooting after it's previous one. I knew this already, but what nobody told me was that the guy that got shot is from our gym. He lost his fight and was shot in the leg by some people that got away. What an ugly ******* world this is.

Anyways, knee feels good but I don't trust it. I'm icing when it hurts and stretching twice a day. It seems to be fine and I have a full up and down range of motion, but if I twist it funny it has sharp pains and loses mobility for the rest of the day. I'm confident it's not serious but I'll be staying away from aggressive grappling and striking involving kicks until it gets better. More conditioning can be just as useful anyways.
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