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Originally Posted by TWSockrider View Post
im under 6' and 300+ lbs. I don't even know anymore, but anyway, Trying to lose mad weight, and if it's possible get down to 205.

Whenever I run[slowly], whether it's slow and steady, or HIIT, my heart pounds, feels like a heart attack.

When I lift[all I have is ten lb dumbells] I overdo it and cant lift my arms for three days.

and furthermore, I don't know what I should be eating, when.

Basically I'm ******* clueless ><

I agree, I'd see a doctor about the heart thing. Also, I would concentrate on weight training first. Building muscle will help your body burn fat faster. The reason you are over doing it is you are using 10lbs, and you're probably wearing down your small muscle strands. Concentrate on lifting heavier for less reps. You will build more muscle and recover quicker.

You may want to check out the "Belly Off" diet over on Men's Health.

I'd love to see you track your progress on our site over at


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