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Scarecrow's Log

Hey all, I'm setting up this log again but this time in the correct section. My goal the next 6-8 weeks is to try to get as close to benching 300lbs as possible. I did a test over the weekend and was able to put up 270, so it is at this mark that I will begin the routing using the spreadsheets on this site.

So here is what all I did for the day...

Week 1 / Day 1

Bench Press - 1x6 @ 210, 2x5 @ 225, 2x4 @ 235
Cable Flys - 3x8 @ 25/30/35
DB Side Raises - 3x8 @ 25/30/35
Triceps Ext. - 3x8 @ 50/55/60
Weighted Situps - 3x12 @ 35/40/45

One change from my original post is that I switched out the incline DB presses and added in cable flys. All the weight used today felt good, I might add 5 lbs to each set of my triceps extensions next week.

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