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Warmup run, drilled a couple guard passes, drilled armbars, drilled kimuras, drilled armbar escapes, drill, drill, drill. The techniques taught today were pretty tricky. I didn't grasp them well enough to explain.

First roll with partner I was dominant in mount but didn't finish. Second roll with a big blue belt I was dominant between back control and mount. He did his stupid triangle on my ankle and made me tap as he has before. When I got his back again and he tried, I wised up and shoved my foot deeper so he was trying to triangle my shin, finally figured that one out. Third roll was back and forth between all positions but I was probably on the losing end. Got tapped by something, kimura maybe? Fourth roll was a chick so I took it easy but got 3 or 4 subs. Class.

Knee feels fine. I'm paying special attention to it, but I think it'll be hold up since I don't have to kick anything until friday's class.
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