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Originally Posted by Beeno
I just hope Larry Merchant doesn't become a commentator, he needs to retire badly.

Probably won't though. Jim Lampley (*main boxing commentator) has been openly against MMA for quite some time.

As far as boxing goes, it'll take all of its breath away. They'll see after they do two shows you watch. The 3rd HBO UFC PPV will do better than all of the boxing fights in that year unless it's some super freaking mega fight. Boxing has lost almost all of its steam. (Coming from somebody who used to watch boxing PPVs religiously.)

I understand what you mean but ease up on ol Merch. He can be be a pain in the ass. But there are times he has me in the floor lmao with some of the shit he says. Lampley is an HBO puppet who probably has not kept up with the times and knows ZERO about MMA.

If MMA does well on Show and HBO it'll be interesting to see how these "boxing" commentators adapt. I don't expect that from the old heads like Merchant and Lampley, but the younger guys like Max Kellerman (who also can get on my nerves) still have a shot to develop their knowledge and make the transition. I don't know. We'll see eh?

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