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Originally Posted by leifdawg View Post
I already have the game reserved, so I'm starting to get pretty exited.

I'm really glad I went with the PS3 over the Xbox which sounds like a piece of shit. Although I don't know why anyone would expect any less from Microsoft.

Your right, Rampage would have finished it in the first when he had him rocked.
Yes lol the 360 is a piece of shit right because that's why the install base is more than twice the size of the PS3 and people CONTINUE to buy the system regardless of it's few flaws right. That says a lot about it.

People recognize that the 360 as a total package combined with it's bigger list of A+ titles and Xbox live make the service overall the best and most affordable package for the hardcore gamer.

I CANNOT WAIT to have a PS3 for Little Big planet and MGS4 but that's all. those are the only things I care about. I probably wont even play the dman thing online because all the game i want to play online i allready own all my favorite multiplayer games on the 360 where the servers are better, and everyone has a mic to talk to.

Give the 360 a chance before you hate on it dude it's ridiculous to talk crap about something which you havent even used apparently judging by your statement. Seriously go play some COD on 360 it's a much better atmosphere because of the community and better match making combined with servers that get regular maintenance.

Buying a game on PS3 these days just limits your ability to play with others and the few that their are often dont have microphones. almost everyone is getting this for the 360 and it seems the forum contest for the game is more than liekly gonna be held on XBox 360 aswell.

The game will be great on both systems but there is no reason to disregard a fantastic game console that you havent even used.

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