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Originally Posted by leifdawg View Post
I already have the game reserved, so I'm starting to get pretty exited.

I'm really glad I went with the PS3 over the Xbox which sounds like a piece of shit. Although I don't know why anyone would expect any less from Microsoft.

Your right, Rampage would have finished it in the first when he had him rocked.
Don't you mean, Rampage would never be able to recover from Rashad being rocked? Nah it's all good brother. We both know that Rashad wouldn't work kicks to the mid section and Rampage wouldn't slam Rashad like that TWICE!

As for the Xbox360 Red Ring problem. I saw on CNN not to long ago that they developed new xboxs that are immune to it altogether. They're in circulation now (I think), and if you send in your red ringed Xbox they should give you the new Xbox in return.

Just a heads up if you're thinking about buying an Xbox. Just ask for the latest models and you should be good.

EDIT: to Wanna-be, I'm looking for you. Also try to update your flash player. I can get the link to the flash player update if you need it.

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