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Originally Posted by Emericanaddict View Post
Ok then forget the FPS games. Havent you noticed that currently the Xbox 360 has a larger library of Jrpg's that are all very well produced. ( I love Blue Dragon) Seriously who cares whether or not a game is on multiple discs or not?

It's fair enough you like the PS3 just dont shoot down the 360 so fast it has a vary wide variety of games outside of FPS's. People have this stigma that the 360 is all about FPS like the Origional Xbox but all the FPS games barring Halo 3 on the 360 are also on the PS3.

All that said have you played little Big Planet and is it all that it's cracked up to be? I wouldnt mind having it as a Blue-Ray player aswell though.

Ive allready ot the Wii which just collects dust under the TV nowadays and my 360 and now im looking to finish the collection with a PS3 when the price drops. I buy every system every generation once the price is affordable and the good games are out hehehe.
The commenttating seems far improved over earlier builds that we have seen of the game. I noticed that this time Joe and Goldy were using the Fighters names and stats while in older videos they either didn't mention their names or stats at all or said something along the lines of "His Opponent".

Also the ground and pound seemed a bit smoother and not as twitchy as it did before. Still a bit jarring but i'll get over it hahaha.
I wasn't really trashing the games on Xbox, moreso the hardware. Which you have to admit is iffy at best.

Haven't played Little Big Planet. But I too hear nothing but good things. I've actually only had my PS3 for about a month, got the 160gb bundle. Currently I have SFIV, MLB the Show 09, Uncharted, and NBA Live 09.

The Playstation Network was supposedly pretty crappy at first, but as far as I can tell they are making good strides here. The store has a ton of cool stuff to buy and also some free stuff. A very fun thing they offer as a Beta is Playstation Home. Which is similar to the game 2nd life. It' still beta so you'll soon explore the entire world, but they are adding new stuff nearly every day. And even once you've explored everything it's still a fun place to socialize and play the minigames (chess, bowling, pool, etc.) against real opponents.
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