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Originally Posted by Walker View Post
If you are dropping too low- beyond a 90 degree angle it will also put more pressure on your knees.
This is not true actually. It's the other way around.

Squats & Knees. “Squatting deep is bad for your knees”. That’s a myth you’ll hear a lot. Some will advise you to do Partial Squats, staying above parallel, to avoid knee injury. This is wrong info. Wrong.

Your knee joint is strongest in a fully flexed or full extended position, not the positions in-between. Partial Squats only strengthen your knees & quads, not your glutes & hamstrings. This causes muscle imbalances & thus injuries.

Millions of competitive weightlifters Squat deeper than described in this article. If you have knee pain from Squats, you’re using bad technique or you lack ankle/hip mobility. Squatting deep is never the cause.
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