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Warmup run, some tumbling. We did some new tumbling with was where a guy is on his back grabs the partners shins, then the partner grabs his shins, so both of their arms are extended and one is in the air. Then they roll so that the bottom guy rolls into the top position, and so on. In the other on your partner grabs your shins and you grab theirs and you do a front roll together. Weird and hard to explain. Then we did a variety of neck bridges and rolling around on your head. Then alot of handstand exercises where I just worked on maintaining a handstand for more than 3 seconds.

Technique was just shadowing shooting for the double leg and taking down. Then he broke down shooting for the single leg and dragging back to swing them down. Also practiced moving back to their ankle to straighten the leg and then swinging. We drilled this pretty constantly. My knee was starting to hurt from all that twisting so I didn't particpate in the king of the mats for the last 15 mins.

I'm going to a concert tomorrow so no class. I'll try to convince my partner to go do some conditioning with me tomorrow beforehand though.
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