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Originally Posted by The Don
yea I know.. just teasing you.. and I will when I get home and I like the bluntness I can be that way at times too.. if I have to.. just I been in Customer service feilds too long.. though you should see me when I am working as an EMT If I am the EMT in charge I am a freaking nazi with how I control things... Its my butt on the line if someone screws up.. so I rule with an iron fist..
Eww. Don, I respect what you do as an EMT... really I do. Though you know that I can't stand the site of blood and crap, blech! If I were to see what you do on calls I'd be your next patient because I'd be on the ground out cold. Besides, if I were ever on the ambulance with you we'd not be out on a call.
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