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hitting harder/faster?

itd be nice to get a full answer to this question, but any length with good advice would be nice.

i wanna learn how to jab harder (my jabs are pretty weak), cross harder (they're getting stronger but i want them to be uber strong, hook harder (my hooks are pathetic), uppercut (that isnt an uppercut harder, i've never done an uppercut in my life), elbow harder (my elbows are uber-pathetic), knee harder (my knees are also very weak), and roundkick harder (they're getting there, but I must be missing something cuz I've seen someone round kick so hard that they've knocked one of those ground punching bags 5 feet backwards in one kick and i sure as hell can't approach that).

Also I would like to learn to hit harder from the guard (as in when someone is on my guard).

&& I know more speed adds more power, so it would be nice to know how to increase my speed on all of everything I've mentioned. Obviously you could write a book on all of this, so just giving a few good hints wood be awesome and directing me to links where other people explain these aspects well would be just as awesome (or maybe more awesome depending on ow much info is there)

So could you please give me an overview of the excersises and techniques that i can use to improve my speed and power?
Oooh and i don't have weights and i love bodyweight excersises, & there is nowhere around here to train besides a karate place that wont let people hit hard even once they're blackbelts
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