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I feel the monkey on my back now :P , didn't mean to say any of you guys were racist. But the only times ive heard about "fast twist fibre" is when some white dude is trying to make an excuse why african americans are stronger/better/faster etc.

@ GC: didn't mean you could do miracles or walk on water, but my dad is a big guy, my mom is average/small biggish and im 5'9 165lbs (on a good day) with a fast as **** metabolism. My genes say I should be 6ft+ and huge, but ask any girl who seen me w/o a shirt about my abs ^_- its an orgasmic experience. If I wanted to I could gain 30lbs in 6 months and look totally different, I know what you mean by genetically inclined but I feel a person can completely change their bodies.

@ColdCall you sexy mother****er, im pretty drunk atm but I didn't mean to insult anyone, im just ignorant on the subject of fast twitch muscle fibre.

As to everyone that posted. thanks for your impute

I'm trying to double my speed bag work, working solely on speed, not power, which is a first in months. Problem with muscle memory for me is my fear that someone will figure me out and beat the shit out of me due to their timing matching my combos. :P

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