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Originally Posted by THE OMEN View Post
Thiago is obviously the most dangerous person to GSP's title to date. This being said Thiago has never fought someone as great as GSP, much less beaten someone on GSP's stature. If Alves wins this fight it would be a major win for him, a lifechanging win and a big upset imo.
I know what you're saying but who in your opinion could Thiago actually beat (without moving up a division) that is of the stature of GSP?

I mean he brutalised Matt Hughes with the extra lbs behind that knee. He's schooled top contenders like Kos and Karo. Obviously the L to Fitch hurts him. What I'm saying is I wouldn't be surprised if TA dropped GSP in July. I just hope the dude makes weight. I'm more excited for this then the main event.
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