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Originally Posted by THE OMEN View Post
Well lets compare GSP to Fedor p4p. Since people call Fedor the p4p best just because of his record.

Fedors wrestling doesn't even compare to GSP p4p.

Fedors strikes, although powerful don't show nearly as much skill and technique as GSP. I mean when is the last time Fedor threw a switch kick or a spinning backfist or superman punch?

GSP's BJJ vs Fedors Sambo. Well i just look at it as overall ground game. GSP has submitted guys like Hughes and Trigg with little effort, Fedor has tapped some great guys too but nobody that compares to Trigg or Hughes p4p.

Fedor might be tougher,and have a better chin. But p4p skill wise GSP blows him away..
First of all pal, fedor can't measure up to gsp's wrestling how do you figure that? Fedors sambo is a solid and could almost measure up to gsp's wrestling but also then on top you have his judo which gives him the edge. Fedor's striking is far more powerful yes and he has proven against Arlovski that technique isn't going to win you the fight. Also since when did a superman punch or spinning back fist show good technique? I'm sure you don't even beleive that they are efficient forms of striking.

Now onto your claims on gsp's bjj being a trouble for fedor if you can remember fedor beat nogueira twice and big nog has alot more dangerous bjj than gsp. And then on top you have already admitted that fedor is tougher and has a better chin so I know who is my top p4p fighter and it will never be gsp.

Also dont red me i know people on here love gsp but please just argue your points as I will be interested in hearing them.

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