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Originally Posted by THE OMEN View Post
On their best day their is no one better p4p than GSP. His wresling, striking and BJJ is on another level higher then most people in the world right now, not just MMA. He shows better technique and dominance than anybody when he's on, including Fedor and Anderson.

Thiago Alves is a dangerous fighter, but at the end of the day I still don't see him beating GSP. Not even close.

GSP is gonna out-work Alves and use his well rounded skills to transition from ground to strikes and eventually finish Alves with anything he wants.

GSP = p4p best without argument.

When starting a thread try to have a clear picture of what you want to discuss. First off the title should clearly indicate what is to be discussed something your title doesnt even attempt. Secondly this original post should set the tone and topic for discussion which is really unclear here, you start off by stating GSP you believe GSP is the top P4P fighter in the world comparing him to Anderson and Fedor, then you change gears and begin talking about how he is gonna beat Alves. Please in the future dont start a thread just to state you mish mash of opinions, there are plenty of P4P threads where you can discuss GSP's standing and GSP/Alves threads where you can discuss the fight, this thread was completly unecessary.

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