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We're not a distributor (as Napster and Streamcast/Morpheus were). MMA-Core is the distributor, which is how this plays in.

We refuse to post streams because that would make us a distributor (at least, if the stream is contained within the site). We make it a policy not to enable streaming for a few different reasons, but we could, if we wanted, post streams legally. (plenty of places do)

Now, if you're referring to third party acts of infringement (which are included in the Grokster decision, as I understand it), then you need to consider the implications that this decision would have if enactment was attempted.

The truth is, third party regulation is totally impractical (and unconstitutional, but that's a totally different argument).

If Zuffa has an issue with the distribution of its product, it's Zuffa's prerogative to take that issue up with those distributing it. Attempting to push lawsuits against third party distributors is idiotic.

As people posting links to the distributor, we're not a reasonable target for Zuffa, and they know that, which is why they don't bother with forums to link to sites that distribute their videos, and tend to focus on dealing directly with the sources of distribution and those hosting content.

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