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...Machida gets KTFO?......LMAO!...NO WAY

...Comparing Liddell's footwork to Machida's is night & day. Chuck was chasing Evans for the KO and left himself wide open. Their stances are completely different. Machida has excellent faints, moves in & out very well and has the best footwork in MMA next to Anderson Silva.; (Who Lyoto trains with by the way). Machida is much more of an intelligent fighter than Evans and Lyoto waits for openings and attacks.
...Everybody falls into Lyoto's trap of chasing him and that will be Evans downfall. Point Blank...Evans took a draw with Tito and Machida owned Tito. Machida's stance & the fact that he constantly swtiches from ortho to unortho will confuse Rashad. All Evans does is dance around like he's on Soul Train. Lyoto won't fall for that crap. Machida puts the MARTIAL ARTS in MMA. Look at how he just walked through Thiago Silva. Machida will be the new LHW champ by TKO.
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