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Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
This is annoying, and I'm getting a bit tired of pointing this out, but does anyone else remember that Tito beat Rashad Evans?

I don't mean "beat" as in "won the fight," because the point deduction was legit and so the judges scoring was fine. I mean Tito made Rashad look bad. He made Rashad look like the one with the junior college wrestling background.

Anyway, that's beside the point.

Thiago Silva was a tough fight for anybody, and Machida left him wondering where all the pretty birdies came from. I don't think Machida will knock Rashad out quite that impressively, but I do think he'll take home the W, and my reasoning is simple.

What does Rashad Evans try to do when he steps in the cage?

He tries to strike and, if that fails, he tries to wrestle. We've seen Rashad do it.

That's the gameplan that Machida loves. That's the gameplan his wet dreams are made of.

Machida wants a guy who's going to chase him around the cage and eat karate kicks until he gets frustrated and shoots. Machida knows that stopping the takedown kills energy, causes frustration and makes the other guy look incompetent, and that's how Machida has fought the majority of his fights: by making his opponent look incompetent.

Hopefully Rashad will make it a fight. I just don't see him taking this.
...Ironman....bro you said it all...
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