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Originally Posted by Rush
Is anyone going to see this trash? Just shows how much movies today compared to the 70s suck. I'm not racist but the Wayans make terrible movies that destroy the movie business. Scary Movie was the original funny movie but after that all of their movies have become ridicolous. I saw the preview for this movie and I wondered who would pay to see this crap? A midget acting as a baby? Come on, you can tell the difference between a midget and a baby. And how would someone get access and steal a queen's diamond with all the security that would guard it? This movie is absolutely crap. And I'm only fifteen years old and came to the conclusion that this movie is retarded when people my age think movies like this are funny. I can't believe it.
movies like this are not made for the bel;eivability just site gags and such like that.. basicly you watch this movie cause the lines for Pirates was WAY TOO long... or sold out..

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