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Originally Posted by can'tbanme View Post
I see the original ideas just keep rolling in.

Wasn't it SNS who found all the videos for all the fighters that were in the fighter section, this is just copying his work and putting it in a different way, not too original.

But once again, great original ideas.
well actually it was my idea to put the vids up back in the day. sns helped me out with finding the vids cuz there was ALOT of work. but i repeat it was NOT his idea it was mine

also you can ask plazzman about this and who came up with the idea. i cleaned up the fighters section, i came up with the vid idea. YES sns posted alot of the vids but i posted em to. and i might add that i was the only one updating em as new events came out. no ones taking the credit away from sns ho did a great job but to say he did it all is just a damn lie.

keep this thread open. and dont delete posts if its not personal attacks

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