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Barbell Complex (70lbs, 6 sets, 6 reps, 60 seconds rest)
Good Morning
Overhead Squat
Bent Over Row
Reverse Grip Curl
Military Press

Did 6,6,6,6,6,3. Added 5lbs. Got pretty far in but failed on second last set.

Ab Circuit

Twisting Crunch 20,20,20 @45lbs
Reverse Crunch 15,15 @20lbs
Cable Crunch 20,20 @65kg
Ab Plank 1:35,1:35

Got one set further on the BB Complex. I hit the what I like to call '**** my life' point around the 3rd set. Pushed through to the last set where unfortunately my forearms seized up and weren't capable of reverse curling the bar. Going to finish the sets next time. The ab circuit has also reached the failure point, added another 10secs to the planks but my abs seized up on my 3rd circuit through and I didn't finish. Good workout. Lower back hurts a bit but should be fine.

MMA gym is closed for easter.

I drove to vernon on the weekend to see some more fights. This time we had a bunch of guys fighting. Grimshaw came out showing great striking skills and once it went to the ground he went straight for an armbar and then transitioned to finish with a triangle. Beautiful. A couple of the guys I've met and had my ass kicked by at the fortress fought. One guy who beats me up but I can be competitive with got an INCREDIBLE knockout. Another guy won the main event with a RNC near the end of the fight. Another guy that I train with the most had a tough fight with a freaky muscle bound beast and put up a war but had a heartbreaking loss. I beleive it was via armbar. 2 other guys fought from our camp but I haven't trained with them.

Things I've noted at this fight
-Bill Mahood puts on a very proffessional show with able fighters, he stacked it with Revolution fighters and seemed to pretty fair matchups
-I feel like a small 205. There was a guy fighting at 195 that must have been heavier than me. I need to get eating so that I'm cutting from 220. Gotta eat,eat, eat these next 2 months.
-Grimshaw is a very skilled and technical BJJ guy but when he went to the ground he was striking like CRAZY between everything he did. I need to put more focus on constant striking.

More conditioning tomorrow and MMA tomorrow evening.
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