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Originally Posted by coldcall420 View Post
Im still here X.....i just been swamped at work and to tell you the truth with all these "changes" amoung the staff I have been doing more reading than see what kinda insight and new leadership in terms of mods that we have.......

**** fightline and Plazz and MJB23, and MLS and whoever the hell else went over there.....I hated the way they ran this forum and the O.G's like coppershark and TB would shit if they saw the way thier baby was bein run.......

Im here though dude and Im always gonna be reppin.....just like for the soon to be lhw champ Lyoto machida........
So **** me because I post elsewhere? lol

Not everyone left for the same reason, some of us left to be writers over at the new place. I have no ill-will towards MMAForum, but you need to relax man, it's the internet.

Anyway, as everyone else already mentioned xeberus, work on your reflexes. A cool trick that me and my friends use to increase hand-speed and reaction time is to do tennis ball exercises. For instance, hold a tennis ball out at arms length, drop it and grab it in mid air with your opposite hand, keep rotating hands. The motion you make with your hands (grabbing the ball) should mimic the closing of your fist as you throw a punch.

That's just a basic exercise that can make a slight difference with your muscle twitch fibres.
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