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Originally Posted by Fedor>all View Post
So **** me because I post elsewhere? lol

Not everyone left for the same reason, some of us left to be writers over at the new place. I have no ill-will towards MMAForum, but you need to relax man, it's the internet.

Anyway, as everyone else already mentioned xeberus, work on your reflexes. A cool trick that me and my friends use to increase hand-speed and reaction time is to do tennis ball exercises. For instance, hold a tennis ball out at arms length, drop it and grab it in mid air with your opposite hand, keep rotating hands. The motion you make with your hands (grabbing the ball) should mimic the closing of your fist as you throw a punch.

That's just a basic exercise that can make a slight difference with your muscle twitch fibres.

I dont remember posting your name....i have an account there i just dont post on need to relax gettin all pissy cuz you post there.....suck my****......hows that for it really the internet????? Wow thanks I see the light.....

write where you want but that was mainly directed at a circle of admins and mods which I dont ever remember you being........i couild care less where you post as an individual it was the way they handled their business I didnt like.....
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