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Originally Posted by Fedor>all View Post
You didn't, instead you said this:

That's directed at anyone who made the move, so in a way you are addressing me. Re-read what you've typed before making a response.

This childish rebuttal just further proves my point that you're being oversensitive about the forum changes. Go change your tampon, and stop acting like such a little bitch.

And "everyone else who went over there", you moron. I just find it funny that even you don't think your posts are worth reading.

And I could care less about you as well, which is exactly why I made the move to a forum with a community that isn't composed of retards like you. This place still has a lot of great users that I respect and enjoy discussing things with, you're just not one of them, and your reactions in this thread have proven that.

And Who cares? It's not your business. What you are saying just keeps proving my point that you're taking this all too seriously. IT'S THE INTERNET, STOP CRYING!

did you not read my post...i am aware exactly of what i wrote but your over sensetive ass is the only one that took that oersonal.....

you continue to point out my stupidity for not realizing i addressed everyone that made the move......yet your retarded ass disnt catch the part where i explained last post that it was mainly directed at the mods and you need to read moron and as far as the whole im the reason you went over there thats went over there cuz thats the only place you can post and people take you serioius.........

you have always been that 1st to jump over sensative thinkinging every post was directed at you gets annoying and you did it again on this thread...piss off if its so great over there with all you butt buddies then go post your blog and wrong fight picks till your blue in the face......
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