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Originally Posted by coldcall420 View Post
did you not read my post...i am aware exactly of what i wrote but your over sensetive ass is the only one that took that oersonal.....
Did you read your own post? I quoted your dopey ass numerous times to prove just how broad your condemnation of other members was.

Originally Posted by coldcall420 View Post
you continue to point out my stupidity for not realizing i addressed everyone that made the move......yet your retarded ass disnt catch the part where i explained last post that it was mainly directed at the mods and you need to read moron and as far as the whole im the reason you went over there thats went over there cuz thats the only place you can post and people take you serioius.........
That's a laugh because you probably repped me more than anyone else on here, you hack. I don't post here anymore because all the worthwhile discussion seems to have been lost on petty insults and bitterness about the split. If you didn't intend on making such a general insult towards other people in your first post, maybe I wouldn't have called you on your bullshit in the first place.

Originally Posted by coldcall420 View Post
you have always been that 1st to jump over sensative thinkinging every post was directed at you gets annoying and you did it again on this thread...piss off if its so great over there with all you butt buddies then go post your blog and wrong fight picks till your blue in the face......
lol, ouch. Scathing! I post here minimally because I like to keep in touch with other users. As I said, there are some users that remain here who I enjoy discussing things with. Your hostility towards me only continues to prove the point that you're taking things way too seriously, and probably need to go outside a little more.. or at least learn how to read and type.

And jason, coldcall actually just PM'd me to correct you.. he actually uses Always with wings, not tamps.
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