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Originally Posted by Fedor>all View Post
Why don't you beg the new mods for a mod position like you did with the "assholes" that you kept PMing about the same thing? You're a two face, and you'll never be a mod because you're also an idiot.

WTF are you talkin about......I dont have time to be a Mod you moron....Your a real tough guy behind your keyboard but really your just an ass kissin part of that little PLAZZ clique......your a tool box with too much time on your hands.....

Two face would be you callin on fighters to win in the past then when your wrong tellin everyone why the other fighter won.....your a sad joke and i am not gonna go back and wanna talk shit to me PM me and dont bore everyone else with your bullshit......

This shit was never even addressed to say you went over there so it concerns you...then thats what you think but ftr i wasnt namin you just that main group of mods and admins......

Here is a link from where the thought originated.....this I posted in reference to the admins that starttted treating the forum like they owned and you think i want to be a mod......i have a Career fedor>all....not all day to sit around in my underwear and post mma opinions that prove to be wrong.......

On a totally serious note this is kinda what i was thinking when i posted this thread: this comes from a well respected friend and member of this forum and i dont feel its appropriate to say who: HOWEVER their post sums up for the most part what was happening to this it is:
Yea, I checked out ***********, but honestly I was turned off by how all those guys are acting like they are some kind of E-gods. They all think that Plazz, MJB and MLS were the founding fathers of this place, but they really weren't. IMO this place was better before those guys took charge and it's better now that they are out. Don't get me wrong, I like alot of them, but they used this place as there own personal e-playground where there only concern was to include a small select group of members. They seem to have forgotten that they too were once n00bs here. That place will die eventually because they don't have a steady stream of new members signing up, eventually there regulars will get tired of posting 50 times a day and the forum will turn into a ghosttown, I've seen it happen many times before. MMAforum is at the top of the google search an is backed by VS so I am not worried about this place going down in flames like they say it will. I post occasionally over there, but this is my main MMA board

Needles to sat i feel the same way and i want these admins to know that they have done a great job maintaining the site through this situation....Norway for sure has always been solid and maybe I'm biased because we seem to have a like for almost all the same fighters and have battled alng each others side to try and make people see the light that is Lyoto Machida......

Seriously all you guys...keep up the tight work and lets keep this thing rolling......

I should have thrown a shout out to TB and Coppershark......they kept this thing right for a long time.....

Fedor>all those e-gods he is talkin about you fit right in i can remember countless threads where you would just kiss their asses cuz they were mods instead of having balls and tellin them whats up...... your a bitch
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