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Yeah I seem to remember you calling them out all the time coldcall .

Look man I don't wanna get into some silly argument cos we've always gotten along well but you're way out of line here IMO.

Like it or not your first statement did include every former member of this place who's now a regular over there and when Miles called you out on it you just started acting like a dick.

I'm not sure where you (or your anonymous source) is coming from when you go on about the old staff treating this place "as there own personal e-playground where there only concern was to include a small select group of members. They seem to have forgotten that they too were once n00bs here" because I felt that they put in a lot of hard (thankless) work and effort into educating other less knowledgable members about MMA.

Jesus, d'you think most members here would know half as much K-1 as they do without all the work MLS put in???

They went to great lengths to broaden peoples horizons regarding MMA so they didn't just become standard "UFC fans" by creating several sub-sections for other orgs (which have now been compressed BTW) and providing play by play on a lot of events.

The funniest thing about you claiming they don't care about new fans is that there's a new feature just been put up over at with the main intent of accomodating newer fans with a thirst for MMA knowledge.

TBH there's only a select few members left here who's opinions I value, which is why I still post here occasionally, but seeing posts like some of yours in this thread just make the place look like Sherdog.

Your anonymous friend claims that will die because we won't attract enough members but the core group over there is probably larger than the one on here, this place just has a lot of idiots, trolls and people who rarely post that make up the member count. Not to mention there's a lot of people that visit to read the articles and just don't wanna post on a forum.

TBH I don't care what you think about the former staff cos I know that they made this place great for a long time, their quality as moderators/admins has been proven by how good of a website has become already and it's only gonna get better with them in charge.

I don't give a shit if you wanna "stay loyal to MMAF" but there's no need to slag people off who can't come on here to defend themselves, and then blow up and act like a wanker to Miles when he calls you out on it.
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