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Originally Posted by SuicideJohnson View Post
worst thread ever . The guy HAS to train ridiculously hard to have the explosiveness he does, NO ONE is born with explosive strength like that. I can't believe I'm even posting anything in this! What happened to people just watching the fights and not complaining about every little thing? (ESPECIALLY WHEN IT'S LIKE THIS)

Wow guys...neg repping me for an honest opinion -- such maturity.

Anyway, GSP is naturally strong and athletic, that's what makes him explosive. Explosiveness is not learnt in Jiu Jitsu classes or in Muay Thai either have it or you don't.

GSP has more of it than he has any other skill. Frankly, I think Matt Serra, BJ Penn and Hughes are better on the ground than GSP YET he'll still bully them on the ground with sheer strength.
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