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Originally Posted by baz00ca
I am extremely excited to see Rampage back in the big leagues, and this has managed to get me even more excited believe it or not. I have only one question, will Rampages slams be less effective in the octogon compared to the ring? I guess we will find out soon enough, i can almost guarentee someone is going for a ride.

Just for fun here are some Rampage quotes:

"when I win the pride belt, I'm going to do everything with the pride belt. when I'm playing video games, I will play with the Pride belt. when I'm taking a sh*t, I am gonna take it with the Pride belt. when I'm f*cking, Im gonna f*ck with the Pride belt"

"Trainings been good, Ive been drinkin less, playin less video games. So tell Chuck to suck in that gut, put his hands up, and do his sh*t"

Interviewer: Rampage, what do you see in the future outcome of this fight?
Rampage: Man I ain't got no crystal ball, I just got two balls, know what I'm sayin?

Quadros: "Now let me introduce you to a man with class, a man with family values: Quinton Jackson"
Rampage: *bleep*
Quadros: "If the world were devoid of cursing, what would you say?"
Rampage: *bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

Quadros: Do you feel slighted that you have to fight a "stronger" fighter in the Grand Prix than Wanderlei?
Jackson: Slighted!? sh*t don't use big words Im only a fighter

To Wanderlei Silva before the match
"Me Amy, good gorilla! *beats his chest* "You know what it feel like to get yo ass whoop by a black man? that shit hurt".

MMA WEEKLY: Rampage, what have u been up to since ur fight with wanderlei?
RAMPAGE: A lot, i beat 3 games.

FAN: Rampage, did you always thought you were gonna be a fighter?
RAMPAGE: "hell no, I thought I was gonna be a porn star!"

"My friends from college took me to a show, and these wrestlers up their kicking ass. I was like damn, you could get paid for kicking ass, and you don't go to jail? Sign me up! 2 months later I was fighting dawg!"

"I've got a strategy, it's called whoop that ass!"

Stephen Quadros: Would you be concerned about Satake's invisible kick?

Quinton Jackson: I guess so, goddamit, 'cuz if it's invisible, I cannot see the *beep*.

interviewer: Quinton. What do you think Igor can do to beat you?

Quinton Jackson: I think he can knock me the *beep* out! That's what I think!

Stephen Quadros: Are you gonna wear that chain into the ring?

Quinton Jackson: You damn right. I'm fighting a man that beat four Gracies. Damn right I'm taking my chain.
haha Rampage is pretty funny, his attitude brings him up a level on my favorite fighters list..Almost passes Georges St. Pierre!

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