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Originally Posted by HaTe
Whats better for your body? doing exercises like incline and normal bench press with dumbells or using a bar or free weight machines?

Right now I do 50 pound dumbell for incline and normal bench press, 3 sets of 8... does this mean if i go to the bar i will be able to do 45's on each side? I know bar weights like 15 pounds but i doubt it will make too much of a difference.. any advice? and my friend told me to do use those machines with ur bar attached to the machine so when u turn ur hands it locks the weight... he said its the same as free weights... are free weights better or are the two the same? thanks
The 'free-er' the weight the more you use the minor muscles/stabillizer muscles, and the less work there is to the large muscle groups. Minor muscles and stabilizers are extremely imporant for functional strength (arguably they are what makes the difference between gym strength and functional strength). But also you want to do some work on the strength of your large muscles.

Personally, I almost never do the machines, since they do large muscles only. IMO that gives big muscles that look pretty but don't do anything. I'll try to get a balance between exercises with a bar and with a dumbell.

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