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Unfortunatly because of the fact you are pressing button combos it can feel stiff. In fight night the more complex motions for you to "follow through" which makes the timing feel natural.

So far I find that in UFC you will by slamming on buttons or waiting for moves to finish. I high kick, for example, is executed by holding the left small trigger and pressing kick. The animation and kick itself take alot longer to happen, but that happens with fight night too with power punches I suppose.

I would def say the fighting is alot less blocky and unresponsive that some wrestling games, but that doesn't mean the stanbd up isnt a bit stiff. The controls def feel responsive, but I really miss the fluid controls fight night had. Replacing the skill stick with buttons is backwards, and not having a button that allows you bob and weave is kinda nuts.

Overall the most important thing in the game right now far and away seems to be positioning. Distance from your opponent, being on top, half guard, full etc. You can land more damage in different positions.

There is definitely alot of potential though, and I am having alot of fun! Only played a few matches though, so I will get back to you guys on how the controls pan out.

Sorry Nate i'd send you the link but my bro is the one who found it and hes in a class. If I see him tonight I'll find out for you.

mad props: Toxic
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