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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post

It is promising for sure, but one thing seemed odd. My bro practiced for about 5 hours, I jumped right into a match. I won 2/5. Not impressive, but considering he played 5 hours and it was my first 5 fights....a bit odd. Either there is a huge learning curve or not much of one at all.

I think it has a big learning curve. After all, you can counter almost all attacks by using the right stick which will catch their leg and take them down if a kick and catch their arm and clinch if a punch.

You really have to get the timing down and make you are trying to counter the correct attack at the correct height. High, body, low (legs.

Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
One thing I want to ask you guys who've played the demo is:

I've played a couple of the wrestling games they made and they all seemed blocky and kind of unresponsive. Is this the same way? Or is the fighting more like fight night with little to no pausing between button press/thrown move? Are the combos smooth? One thing I Noticed during the video was that the combo looked really blocky and I really hope that isn’t the case, it would ruin the game for me.
Not sure what you mean by blocky? But there are two different types of strikes.

Light strikes which are fast, and strong strikes that are slower. When up close you can throw out some sweet light strikes in combo's that are really smooth and fast.

Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
I thought it was just me/my bro...ya subs seem so hard to pull off. Maybe fighters that are good at subs will be a lot better than Chuck and Shogun, though.
I've managed to sub my bro a few times. The thing is, it is best to perform a sub I guess once you have decreased their stamina by beating them up for a bit first. Even shots that are blocked by the arms still wear the arms down, making the strikes slower and possibly weaker in relation to defending a submission?

Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
Wow did anyone notice how big Mario Yamasaki is? That has gotta be a mistake. during a match I went and stood next to him and he’s taller than chuck...and from some angles looks taller than the cage! haha.
Yeah I noticed. Maybe it will change in the full game. I think it is his big head that makes him look bigger.

Originally Posted by Michael Carson View Post
Fun game, just got done playing the demo.

The combat is a little stiff, it is fun, enjoyable, not frustrating in the least, but still a little stiffer than it could be(this is an ultimate "that's what she said" line, btw).
What do you mean by stiff?

The ground game is hard to say. I was able to easily get side-control, mount, etc, etc, as well as defending positions and standing up. The problem is the NPC you are fighting sucks ass and you really have no clue how good it is going to be when you compete for positions against a real player.
Fighting against another experienced who knows what they are doing is going to be a different story. By rotating the right stick you advance your position. There are two types of transitions on the ground when you advance. Minor and major...minor are easier and not as easy to sweep then there are the major transitions which opens you up more for a pass.

While you’re rotating the right stick to try and pass or make a transition, if the other player times it correctly, they can block your transition or even sweep you, so you have to be careful.

Shogun's clinch is awesome, the muay thai clinch. It's fun, easy to control(against the bad NPC). You can pull his head down and side to side, throwing knees at the right time.
Yeah its cool. Each fighter obviously have skills better than other fighters. For example in the clinch, there are light throws that are easily countered, but there are hard/heavy throws that can't be, but it is only wrestlers that can perform these throws.

Overall, I think it is a good game..really good effort by THQ.

Few things that impress me:

- Fighters look great

- Graphics are great. When doing repeated leg kicks, you actually seem them get bruised etc. The fighters even get gassed and go all red etc after a few rounds.

- You can slow fighters down by taking out their legs, which also decreased the strength of their leg kicks. Same goes for the arms. They can block your body kicks etc, but after continuing to do so, it slows down their punches and decreases their strength.

- Seems to be well balanced and each character have their own strengths and weaknesses just like in the UFC. For example, if you have a wrestler in the clinch with a Jiu Jitsu guy, the wrestler will probably get the takedown. However, is this a safe position against a Jitz guy?

That’s enough for now. This is how the game is broken down according to the tutorial on the demo:

Takedown and clinch

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