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Monday - Week 3 / Day 1

Bench Press - 1x6 @ 220, 1x5 @ 230, 1x4 @ 245, 1x1 @ 275
Incline DB Press - 3x8 @ 50/60/70

DB Side Raises - 3x8 @ 30/35/40

Skullcrushers - 3x8 @ 65/70/75

Weighted Sit-ups - 3x12 @ 35/40/45

Note: Today was my first failure test to see if I could put up 275 and it went very well. I was able to get the weight off the bench by myself and one great clean rep and got a second rep up with a slight touch of the bar by my spotter, so I'm not claiming that rep in this log since it was aided. In about two weeks I will make an attempt at 280.

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