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Wednesday - Week 3 / Day 2

Wide-Grip Pulldowns - 3x8 @ 140/160/180
Barbell Rows - 3x8 @ 140/160/180

Barbell Curls - 3x8 @ 65/85/105

Weighted Back Ext. - 3x12 @ 45/55/65

Note: Today was a great day at the gym, the weight seemed easy and I got a complement from one of the beefy trainers while I was doing my my last set of curls. I was using a normal preacher bar with 45s on each side so it looked pretty uber. My weight this morning was at 177.2 which puts me at about a 4 pound gain since I started this program. I was halfway expecting a loss of weight as I recently switched from BSN's True Mass (high carb/calorie) to ON's 100% Whey (low carb/calorie). I'm trying to lean out my abs for the ladies at the beach!

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