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+1 for core. I noticed a huge improvement in my heavybag work when i started training my abs and back. Now i rate Abs #2 next to to cardio as things to train. I always shunned ab work because i wasnt trying to "develop" my abs(dont care what i look like) but then i read about it a little now i have 2 books just on Ab and core workouts. I mix up stability and movement work outs like spiderman pushups, planks(front and sides) and any "twisting" like throwing a medicine ball from the hip, or one armed planks, russian twist, etc. Even plain old situps with dumb bells and stuff. And def focus on your technique like has been said. Practice driving your foot and hip backwards and your shoulder forwards. Punch in slow motin and study how your body works like a linkage and what parts do what. Then you will be able to focus on what you are doing wrong. I know little guys(im 5 11 230) that can hit harder than me in every aspect because of their perfect technique
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