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thanks alot im a bit nervous as i havnt ever been in front of a crowd before. im 20 only just started doing it i thought that with me been 20 ill be rubbish as alot of people do it since child hood.
Nah, that's not true. With hard work and perserverence, anything's possible. You'll do fine man, don't sweat it.
how long you been doing it and are you thinknh of competing
Well, I did a few years of Karate when I was younger(stopped when I was around 8-9). I started again like 6 months ago. I'm 16 now (Just turned 16 on Dec. 16 ). I take Muay Thai, Boxing, BJJ, and Karate. I'd like to compete someday. My real goal is self-defense though...probably going to start Krav Maga as soon as I'm good at those things, lol.

What I also want to do is weight train. I want to get as strong and fast as I possibly can. Lol, yeah, I dream too much.

Anyway, good luck man, I'm sure you'd do fine. Just jumprope a lot, hit the bags and just go all out on them for as long as you can, and spar a lot.

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