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Originally Posted by Yung Boss View Post
what!!!!!! tell that guy to suck ass. Thai boxing would beat the shit out of tkd...i mean dont get me wrong there a lot of kick ass tkd practioners out there but in a general sense muay thai was designed to pummel the opponent with one kick while in tkd they focus more on how high or how fancy or how much they can kick, it's total bull
You must be either 15y old or just plain retarded.

No martial art is better than another, it all comes down to the fighter himself. I trained TKD for 10years and now I train Muay Thai + Boxing and I would step into the ring with any Muay Thai fighter out there. With MT you learn how to hit harder and use elbows and knees while in TKD you learn how to read the opponent and take advantage of every situation.

When I signed up for MT, I told them I trained TKD for 10years so they would put me with advanced fighters and not beginners and my first day was sparring with them and let me tell you about priceless expressions on their faces when they saw me fight because obviously they were underestimating the power of "fancy kicks" and "beauty punches" just like you.

I like both TKD and MT but believe me when I tell you TKD is one of the few martial arts that teach you true explosiveness and speed in the ring. TKD is an art and not a sport so KOs and kicks below the waist are not allowed therefore you don't learn that in TKD while in MT that's exactly what you learn.

So if you want to pummel someone why don't you learn how to hit people with chairs and throw garbage cans at them. You might want to stab someone too. Yeah, that's real hardcore kick-ass brutal style.

Stupid noobs and kids, stop fighting over something you can't win and stop comparing pears and apples and show some sport spirit. Be a fighter, don't be a douchebag.
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