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The whole concept of judo is essentially using the other persons momentum against them. Where in wrestling you perform alot of the throws using brute streghnth with judo your goal is to use their streghnth and momentum against them.

For example all of the judo sweeps and throws revolve around the concept of off balancing and controlling your oponents center of gravity. If you want to set up a certain throw you will resist them one way and then when they counter that resistance you imediately use their flow against them and perform a throw.

Best example is when your performing a inside sweep. You pull one way and as soon as you start feeling them resist to comensate you pull push in the opposite direction so then you have taken their momentum mixed it with your momentum and then put all of it on one leg. Once you kick that leg out from them they will be taken out rather violently.

Alot of people say yeah judo is the gentle way. Gentle way my ass I think it has more injuries then most mma events which allow striking. Talk to any one who competes hardcore and these guys go out their with a list of injuries

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