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Question about competing again ?

OK,Years ago I used to train alot of what is now called "MMA" It was mostly something my cousin's Karate/JJ/Muay Thai school and some fighters from other schools did, no trophies money or anything, pure fun for the fans of the old UFC. Being a state finalist wrestling in HS and being very good at BJJ (mostly self taught amongst ourselves) I did very well, even against guys who were training for years. We used to get together atleast once a month and sometimes 4 times per month, I LOVED it. After moving, starting a family, career etc etc I havn't done any training/fighting in about 5-6 years. Here is my question, I have suffered quite a few serious concussions, wrestling, hockey and especially motocross related. The last 2 were pretty serious, one leaving me unconscious for 7 hours and in the hospital for 2 days. You can imagine with the explosion in popularity of MMA, organized fights all over the place now days, All I can think about is competing again !! I am not looking to make money at it or be famous, just compete in some amatuer events. Would it be worth the risk to get back into it? At 31 years old, family man with 2 kids and especially my "head trauma issues"? SO let me have it, am I an assclown for even considering it ?
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