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Originally Posted by spearsoldier
Nope, Jumproping, running ect are all pointless forms of cardio.

They only work your aerobic state, not anaerobic.

The only way to get better cardio is this.

Get a bunch of slaves/sparring partners/ect...

You go up and spar against one of them for 1 minute(standup) and then another minute(ground).

As soon as the two minutes is up, he leaves and you verse the second person (no breaks).

Do the same thing with the second through 5th person. No breaks in between.

Thats the first day. The next time, add 30 seconds. So it would be 1.5 min stand/1.5 min ground per person.

Increase it by 30 seconds each day.

This is the only way to work anaerboic glycolysis, which is what we use for energy during a fight. Jumping rope, and running are stupid.
no, thats not the only way and your approaching it wrong. Boxers train for conditioning with a heavy bag. Thats your best bet. Do a one hour cardio drill with a heavy bag high intensity. It simulates the conditions of a fight because you dont have to hold back. Try different combinations and work out different things.

I do 10 5 minute rounds with 1 minute breaks in between. One round I will focus on hooks one Ill focus on upper cuts another just kneeds then a 1 - 2 combo and then the rest are various combinations with kicks etc and doing it all with as much energy as I can. when your done you will be dead tired.

Also if you lift for mass start lifting for endurance because you need muscle indurance as well as streghnth. If you do a full body cirquit training routine youll build muscle stamina and combine your weights with cardio.

Sparring wise spar 5 minute rounds in striking mma or grappeling and have a 1 min brake and then have a guy thats fresh jump in

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