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Originally Posted by asskicker
Im suprised they didnt show any Cro Cop highlights. Or even show any sort of picture of him at all for that matter.
they wont and cant show events from other venues because thats free promotion. You rarely hear them even mention fighters fights in other venues. when they talked about lidel and rampages fight they just mentioned his name and never mentioned the venue.

Originally Posted by Assassin
Great acquisition by the UFC!!!
most def the pool of talant was starting to run dry. with the exception of the welter weight division their was like one superstar in every division. the heavy weight division needed crocop the most because the pool of talent their wasnt that great. With the Light heavy weight division the only superstars they had were chuck and tito and all the other guys are decent fighters to watch.

The heavy weight division has monson, arlovski but then the general pool of fighters isnt that great. alot of them are just really big. Crocop adds a world class fighter to the mix id love to see him fight monson, or arlovski. If love to see him beat the crap out of tim silvia lol.

Maybee this is part of some major moves to improve the general quality of the heavy weight division. Now with Jackson though they have made a great light heavy weight division. Im pretty happy with the pool of figthers they have for events and the superstars they have to chose from they finally have a big three in heavy weight and lh now.

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