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Originally Posted by dario03 View Post
Dean: Hey man what happened to you?
Bisping: Sorry mate I was about to leave and be on my way when Arianni walked in my room.
Dean: What!?
Bisping: Really she walked in and I totally tapped it.
Dean: Really?
Bisping: Yeah and I'm not talking submission moves, though she was being submissive if ya catch my drift :wink:
Dean: Alright, but why didn't you call!?
Bisping: Well I was about to but then Amber Nichole walked in and said I didn't have time for that because she wanted to join in!
Dean: Oh no way mate!
Bisping: No lie mate, I swear.
Dean: Ok well thats like the greatest thing ever but why couldn't you have called after?
Bisping: Well I had a family emergency.
Dean: What kind of emergency?
Bisping: My wife walked in on us!
Dean: Oh Noes!
Bisping: Relax mate it turned out for the best. Turns out shes totally open minded and had planned the whole thing from the start.
Dean: What a woman.
Bisping: Yeah but you see she wanted pics.
Dean: Nice.
Bisping: But we didn't have a camera so we used the camera on my phone and the battery died. And you see I don't know anybodies number off the top of my head so I couldn't call.
Dean: Well I really can't blame you for missing the fight then. Heck I would of missed my own fight for that to.
Bisping: Good to hear but hey to make it up to you heres some pics of Amber and Arianni together.
Dean: (with a tear in his eye) Your the best coach ever Michael Bisping, I really really mean that.
Bisping: Thanks. So how did you lose?
Dean: Triangle choke.
Bisiping: What! I told you a million times to look out for that! Give me those pics back.
Epic win is epic.
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