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Muay Thai

Skipping, **** I'm still shitty at skipping. I keep looking for a rope on the internet but still haven't bought one. I'll get on that. Today we focused only on boxing, especially footwork and mine needed some pointers. Shadowboxing, then practice side stepping and jabbing. Moving to the right the lead foot steps then the back foot follows, springing off as the back foot comes down. Moving to the left back foot steps and lead foot follows, springing off as the lead foot lands. Then we side stepped quicker, noted that when moving to the right, lead foot steps then back foot pivots behind, springing forward off of it so it's essentially moving into a right angle. Then we did a simple footwork thing with the heavybag. There's a line in front of the bag that you're constantly moving in and out of with your lead foot. As you step your lead foot past the line jab, then spring back, and so forth. Then 1-2, back. Then 1, back, 1-2, back. This was really awkward and tiring for me, which means next time I'm on the bag on my own time I'm going to bring some tape and work on this. I think the simple footwork stuff I learned today can improve my sparring 100% if I have the conditioning to maintain it. Did another drill of taking body shots against the wall.


Warmed up with guard passes and leap frogs. Technique was working guard passes and preventing them. On guard passes involving one leg coming forward first, hook around their knee from the outside, and drive in. Can also use your outside leg to come around the trapped leg and stretch it out for more control. Counter for this is basically come down to your knees in north/south and twist your torso, reaching over to their opposite side, putting your elbow tight to their midsection, kick back leg, and you're in side control.

Did some guard passes. I did decent and caught a triangle. Looking back now I did a good set up but I failed to finish it from guard because I forgot to change the angle. I just watched a dvd on this shit. Anyways, we rolled into mount with the triangle still on and finished.

Did rolling from a stand. When I'm tired I'm far too lazy to shoot in these things because I know my guard is my best position anyway, this is probably a bad habit. Anyways, did well again and landed an americana from mount. Kajan worked in with us and he kept me busy and confused. During the last roll he had me in an arm triangle but said "fight it", I worked out of it, eventually took his back and RNCed. He totally handed me the chance to escape, but I'll take it.

My mind and my body was completely exhausted today. Mega joint soreness, especially in my elbows. I've reached the '**** my life' point of the week. I'm going to look into another supplement for joint pain because fish oils are failing me. HGH was mentioned to me but isn't an option. I'll probably experiment with some new bullshit on the off chance that it'll actually work. I've seen the word 'Celadrin' thrown around but haven't researched it.

BJJ tomorrow afternoon and then some rest.
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