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Thanks for the input. My nuerologist has already told me he reccomends I stay away from the motocross racing because it took months to fully recover from my last knock. Its funny you mention the knees LOL I have had 5 knee surgeries and 2 ACL reconstructions. My thinking now is, maybe just start training again and take it from there.....BUT we all know how that works, its like a domino effect, train, then maybe one fight, then another and so on. My biggest worry is my head, not my ability or age, which I think would subconsciously effect my fighting, meaning I would be a bit gun shy of a big shot given my concussion problems and not even really know it. I would say just do some BJJ maybe, but I have gotten my head slammed pretty good in the past on the mat, so ? I just don't want to end up a vegitable LOL. For anyone who competes in MMA or has, you know what an addiction it is and how hard it is to walk away from. I dunno, I just wanted to throw this out there and get some opinions from some people who share a love of the sport. Again thanks for the input guys.

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