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Originally Posted by mrmyz
good post there. thats exactly whats supposed to happens chains are taught to teach you how to transition from one situation to another. The japanese do it in the way of kata but its essentially the same idea. You condition your mind and muscles to react to certain things certain ways. The idea isnt to go for this after this in sequence. Instead its made so that when you see this opening you imediately react with this submition.

The big trend in grappeling now a days is that people want to over analyze certain situations and use certain submitions over others. Most of the time the simplest thing is the most effective.

Look at take downs judo foot sweeps are some of the easiest moves to pull off but alot of people dont use them and opt to take much more complicated throws.
foot sweeps are ok i'll do them once in a while, mostly i use them for a set up for another throw, because i am looking for an "ippon", and for my it is very hard to get a perfect foot sweep against an opponent that knows what they are doing...
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