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Originally Posted by brooks211
Consolidation like this is great for MMA in general. The average American probably hasn't heard of Pride, as it's really hard to find here. If there is one major MMA league, it makes it much easier for a casual viewer to follow, and eliminates any controversy over who the real champions are. Hopefully Pride and UFC will merge at some point, but I don't see that happening any time soon.
I definitely second that. While I don't doubt that UFC guys are good, I chuckle whenever I hear Goldberg & Rogan uttering things like 'he's the greatest W.W. in the world' or 'he's the best fighter in his class'. I'm just thinking, how do you know he's the best in THE WORLD. Has he gone and fought Gomi, Shogun or Fedor (or guys like that)?? But, if they couldn't even work out one fight (Chuck/Silva), I doubt they'll ever find a way to merge into one organization. While I'm not hoping for that, it would be great (from a fan's perspective) to see inter-promotional PPV's. Pride v UFC would be a great PPV in my opinion. If only one time, why not do it. Champ v Champ. Then, each org. can truely claim that they have the WORLD CHAMP of whatever weight class.

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