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Review: Biofreeze to help cure the pain of training

If you train, you're probably familiar with muscle pain, bumps and bruises, and all sorts of other various pains.

Here's a review I recently did over at MMA Opinion of Biofreeze:

Today MMA Opinion is going to review Performance Health’s Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel,a gel-based pain reliever that is available to consumers in four ounce bottles.

Muscle pain from sports is a continued experience most athletes live with on a daily basis. It often times is uncomfortable to deal with, and after an especially hard day of training, some type of pain reliever can help reduce the amount of discomfort you feel in your muscles.

I’m an avid cyclist — which causes enough pain — but recently started taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes that routinely causes muscle pain after training. Since I’m coming home with bumps, bruises and other assorted pain after every class, using a topical analgesic pain relieving gel has been on my mind this past couple of weeks.

Unlike other solutions, such as Icy Hot and JointFlex, Biofreeze gel is grease free, which means it doesn’t stain clothing, and dries on the skin shortly after it has been applied. Most other pain relievers are greasy and messy, leaving skin feeling slick for a long time and can leave trace amounts of residue on clothing.

When applied, it has a tingly feeling similar to other pain relievers that briefly feels like a burning, tingling sensation – but that quickly goes away – along with the pain. Biofreeze also has a strong menthol smell at first, but the rather pungent aroma dissipates within a few minutes.
Full review available here.

Anyone else use this stuff? If so, what do you think?
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